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Russian Journal of Immunology (RJI) is an official journal of Russian Society of Immunology. RJI is published in Moscow every 3 months (quarterly) and each four issues form an annual volume. The issues of RJI are distributed free amidst members of Russian Society of Immunology from about of 50 regions of Russia. RJI is also sent to scientific institutions of medical and biological profile, scientific libraries and amidst the series of organization for practical medicine in Russia and CIS countries. For subscription information for those not listed above, please, contact the Editors of RJI. Представленная на сайте информация представляет собой английскую версию журнала. Издатели приносят свои извинения за отсуствие на сайте некоторых разделов, которые публикуются в бумажном варианте на русском языке.
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Несмотря на название издатели рассматривают журнал как интернациональное издание и гарантируют отсуствие каких-либо ограничений, связанные с национальностью или страной происхождения авторов.
RJI publishes manuscripts in both Russian and English to make its material readable for specialists in Russia as well as abroad.
Experimental articles published in RJI cover original findings in various fields of clinical and experimental immunology, including cell immunology, immunochemistry, immunogenetics, allergology, transplantation immunology, immunology of reproduction, neuroimmunology and some adjacent branches. Theoretical articles and reviews, devoted to the most comprehensive problems of modern immunobiology, are also considered.Furthermore, RJI includes Short communications, current Information from Russian Society of Immunology (in Russian, only), ImmunoMosaic (English version of abstract from some national journals and reviews of books), ImmunoWeb (the list of links for immunological sites) and Classifieds (information about last and upcoming immunological meetings in Russia and All-the-World).

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