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Russian Journal of Immunology (RJI) is an official journal of Russian Society of Immunology. RJI is published in Moscow every 3 months (quarterly) and each four issues form an annual volume. The issues of RJI are distributed free amidst members of Russian Society of Immunology from about of 50 regions of Russia. RJI is also sent to scientific institutions of medical and biological profile, scientific libraries and amidst the series of organization for practical medicine in Russia and CIS countries. For subscription information for those not listed above, please, contact the Editors of RJI. The information presented on the site is the English version of the journal. Publishers make their apologies for the absence on the site of some parts in Russian that are normally appear in the hard paper version.
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Material of Published
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Despite of the name the publishers consider the journal as an International periodical and secure against any restrictions dealed with the nationality or the country of the author's origin.
RJI publishes manuscripts in both Russian and English to make its material readable for specialists in Russia as well as abroad. Experimental articles published in RJI cover original findings in various fields of clinical and experimental immunology, including cell immunology, immunochemistry, immunogenetics, allergology, transplantation immunology, immunology of reproduction, neuroimmunology and some adjacent branches. Theoretical articles and reviews, devoted to the most comprehensive problems of modern immunobiology, are also considered. Furthermore, RJI includes Short communications, current Information from Russian Society of Immunology (in Russian, only), ImmunoMosaic (English version of abstract from some national journals and reviews of books), ImmunoWeb (the list of links for immunological sites) and Classifieds (information about last and upcoming immunological meetings in Russia and Wide-World).

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Note of Copyright




All material published in RJI is the sole property of the Journal and reserved by laws of copyright. RJI possesses an exclusive right to copy, distribute and translate into various languages material published. None of published material is permitted to be copied in any form (photocopies, microfilms, electron copies, CD-disk copies etc.). As an exception, the material may be employed for individual research or used by its author(s) (as fixed in “Information to Authors”). RJI is prohibited from redistribution or sale unless this is permitted by the Editorial Board.
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Charge for Publication






No charge will be levied to either the author(s) or their institutions, if his/their manuscript meets all the requirements given in “Information to Authors”.
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